Bike on with Ikon

Ikon are often involved in making special shock and spring combinations to suit a variety of individual needs. These range from the customising of a bike to create a certain look, the load needs of differing rider sizes (height and weight) and so on. This all fits into the Ikon motto “Bike On With Ikon”.

7614 Series: Precision and Control

A modern look for the racers at heart.

7610 Series Shocks

Rebuildable, revalvable and dyno tested, the 7610 series shocks will get you back on the road!

Ikie has the solution!

For all your technical needs, Ikie has the solution. Contact us today!

Introducing Ikon Suspension's Triumph Bonneville 900 Street Twin and T120 1200 Package

Since the release of the Triumph Bonneville 900 Street Twin and T120 1200, IKON Suspension has developed a suspension solution that transforms the ride and handling of these bikes. We have twin shock applications available for both bikes across all our twin shock series – 76 Basix, 7610, 7614 and 3214.

To maintain the original look of the rear suspension, IKON have developed the 7610-SP18 – chrome body, black spring and a short 30mm cap. In keeping with the features of the 7610 series the rider now has control over the suspension’s rebound damping and preload enabling them to put the bike to the test and find the sweet spot unique to each rider.

For the front we have developed a set of progressively rated fork springs that are designed to allow full suspension travel, alleviate sag and nose dive while contributing to improved stability, ride control and comfort. Fitted to these bikes with any of our twin shock series, the IKON Suspension package will transform your bike. We do our best to ensure that the IKON Suspension you receive is made with you in mind and enhances your riding experience. Bike on with IKON Suspension – because your ride matters.

Fork Springs

Our Products:

7610 Series

  • 4 position externally adjustable rebound with just a finger touch
  • Spring seat adjustable in three positions
  • Progressive Spring
  • Chrome finished body
  • Rebuildable

7614 Series

For Bikes with conventional suspension

  • 4 position externally adjustable rebound with just a finger touch
  • Screw thread spring seat adjustment
  • Progressive Spring
  • Light-weight Aluminium body
  • Gas pressurised

3610 Series

  • Steel bodied mono tube, gas pressurized design for mono shock systems
  • Adjustable damping
  • Spring seat screw thread adjustable for ultimate fine tuning
  • Rebuildable and revalvable

Ikon Basix

Featuring chrome plated bodies, fixed rate damping, 3 position adjustable pre-load and a black powder coated narrow series progressive rate spring, Ikon Basix provides a level of value and performance in the budget market not seen in years.

3214 Series

Monotube gaspressurized design

  • Screw thread pre-load adjustment
  • 4 position rebound adjustment
  • Rebuildable and revalvable
  • Higher performance option for many road and older offroad bikes
  • Lightweight aluminium body
  • Progressive rate spring

76 Series

A wide variety of specifications for classic bikes, scooters, vintage moto cross and other applications

  • Spring seat adjustable in three positions (most applications)
  • Fixed rate, non-adjustable damping
  • Rebuildable and revalvable

7613 Series

  • 4 position externally adjustable rebound with just a finger touch
  • Spring seat adjustable on a screw thread
  • Progressive Spring
  • Black finished body
  • Rebuildable

36 Series

For use on applications where we cannot use adjustable damping.

  • Mono tube gas pressurized shocks
  • Rebuildable and revalvable

Spare Parts

IKON shock absorbers are rebuildable. We make available a wide variety of spare parts, which can be used in servicing or customising your IKON shocks. From seal kits for servicing to most other internal and external parts: guides, bump stops, oil, spring seats, mounting bushes and sleeves, etc. When you need spares or service for you IKON shocks speak to your IKON dealer or us directly on the provided contact details.

Fork Springs

Ikon fork springs allow full suspension travel, alleviate sag and nose dive while contributing to improved stability, ride control and comfort.

Most Ikon fork springs are progressive rate designs giving comfort over smaller bumps and extra control for larger suspension movements.

Ikon fork springs are available for a large variety of motorcycles including scooters, modern and vintage road and trail bikes.

Shock Absorber Springs

Ikon shock springs as used on our 76, 7610 and 7614 series shock absorbers are avaiable in a variety of lengths and rates. If you have need of either heavier or lighter springing than we normally offer, then you may be able to get just what you need either when you order your shocks or as an accessory purchase later on. We also have a narrow series of springs designed to aid in fittings where space is limited.

Customer Projects:

1968 Honda CL125A Scrambler

Allen's Honda CL125A Scrambler 1968 with Ikon shocks. Allen does some really great restorations, many of which we have been privileged to be a part of. This is just the latest.

Project S 1979 BMW R100

Tink's Project S 1979 BMW R100 with Ikon 7610-1298 rear and 500-084 fork springs front. Another fantastic restoration. One of the best BMW restorations we've seen.


A Map of Ikon Suspension's International Distributor network

To find an International Distributor of Ikon Shock Absorbers, Springs and Spare Parts in your country, click through on the map. If your country is not highlighted or listed, then please contact Ikon Suspension's Head Office for further assistance.


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