Ikon Solutions for your Motorcycle or Scooter:

Your problem and the Ikon Solution

Ikon Shocks solve motorcycle bounceBOUNCE

Usually caused by worn dampers, or even by incorrect choice of new shocks, the damping is ineffective and the spring takes over causing bounce and uncontrolled movement of the suspension. This gives an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous ride, especially on rough roads. Choose a shock absorber designed for your machine with the right damping characteristics: IKON!

Ikon Shocks solve motorcycle instabilityUNSTABLE

If a suspension is under-damped it may feel unpleasant, but it will not be unsafe as long as the driver takes it easy. However, if ridden hard, a bike with incorrect damping will be unstable, especially when cornering.
With IKON Shocks fast corners will be a pleasure.

Ikon Shocks solve topping outTOPPING OUT

When riding over bumps and potholes both spring and damper can be compressed to the maximum. If the damping is incorrect or faulty, when the spring subsequently decompresses, it will upset the handling. The bike tops out too fast and the effect can even throw the rider off the bike! IKON will keep you in the saddle.

Ikon Shocks are not too hardTOO HARD

A stiff spring will prevent the suspension from bottoming out, but it lowers rider comfort level as it is harder for the wheel to move upwards. A progressive spring allows the wheel to move more easily increasing comfort level, and prevents it from bottoming out due to its rising spring rate as it is compressed.
The IKON motorcycle dampers only use progressive rate springs!

Ikon Shocks solve bottoming outBOTTOMING OUT

When riding over excessive bumps and potholes both spring and damper will be compressed to the extreme. If the spring is too soft, the suspension will bottom out and hit its bump stop. This bottoming out will subsequently be transferred to the rider and put a high load on the suspension and give a rough ride.
A progressive rate spring, as standard on the IKON motorcycle dampers, is the solution to bottoming out.

Ikon Shocks solve suspension sagSUSPENSION SAG

The rear spring of the bike is normally calculated to take about 50% of the weight of both bike and rider. With a passenger, and luggage the spring load will increase dramatically and for most springs this is too much and the suspension will sag beyond a safe limit.
A progressively wound spring will correct part of the problem, but it works best by adjusting the spring seat position. By increasing the spring height, the bike will be restored to its original ride height.
On the IKON dampers this spring seat is fitted in the best possible position and can be set to the required height.

Ikon Shocks help prevent suspension compromiseCOMPROMISE

A predetermined damping characteristic is always a compromise between road holding and comfort. One rider likes the bike to have a firm suspension for optimum handling others like to cruise on softer suspension, while some like to compromise between the two!
With IKON you don’t have to deal with compromises. With our four distinctive positions the damping can be set from comfortable to very sporty, simply by turning a knob.
Don’t compromise, take IKON.

Ikon Shocks solve shock absorber defectivenessDEFECTIVE

Choosing a new shock absorber can be a bit of a gamble. It may function correctly, but for how long? Leaking shocks are common place and the damping can fade before long.
A quality shock absorber with a long life is the aim of most manufacturers, but few achieve it.
IKON is one manufacturer who achieved and maintained this goal.

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